Wal-Mart Dance Party

This made me smile. Some people decided to dance bomb a walmart and a target store. For no other reason except it is random and fun, and something you aren’t supposed to be doing. They also recorded it pretty well with hand held digital cameras, which I am sure will be the talk of their friends for some time to come. It reminds me of things like this we did dancing in odd places with swing. I even danced in the isle of a 747 in fligt on my way flying to LA to go to Catalina. So I guess I don’t view this as an act of disruption. I view it more of a creative way to push some boundaries.

I also think that if Walmart and Target were smart they would take this idea and make it into a TV commercial. They even chose some good music for you guys. Cool stuff and good music with dancing would be a big hit with college students, whicha are a major part of both of your customers.

Happy Thanksgiving!

It is quiet here in the office, everyone left as soon as they could to scurry off to the airport or drive across country to visit family. I have family right here locally, so there is no rush. It is both a good and bad day, which is weird, but true. Have a new laptop that I am using right now, but I had to beg them to give me the old one back too, since they won’t transfer my itunes music. So, off to the best buy I go, to get an external HD tonight and transfer my 1,100 songs. I will hopefully have a ipod soon and have them there as well. I always knew this was a bit risky, but I didn’t think it would come down to almost loosing several hundred dollars and 2 years worth of music and begging the IT guy for a laptop back. Just when I was getting the hang of it.

I also will be elbow deep in turkey tomorrow morning. Helping with the annual ritual of turkey cooking, although they don’t trust me to cook alone, I might accidentally blow the kitchen to pieces.  Yes, we kill flightless birds twice a year just because they can’t get away. I am not really much of a meat eater, but for the holidays, sure. I also can’t stress enough the use of Poultry Seasoning in stuffing. NO ONE uses it, and it says Poultry right on the flipping container! Get it together people, your stuffing will taste like dried bread if you don’t use this.

Anyway, that’s enough cooking advice for a cooking challenged person. You can trust that the recipie linked above is good, because my mom’s family has been making it since the 1930’s when my Grandmother was working as a maid/nanny in OakPark and learned it from a cook she worked with. So maybe that is what I’ll be celebrating this thanksgiving…? My polish/ukranian immigrant family’s ability to come from potato farmers to maids and blue collar workers to white collar secretaries and engineers and now marketing analysts. All in 4 generations. It is the American Dream. Caio!

It SNOWED in Chicago yesterday!

Yes it snowed yesterday, and made everything feel like Christmas, Thanksgiving and Winter all smooshed up together. This can only mean one thing. Time for Peapod to start delivering my groceries again. Not being able to park by my building and 3 flights of stairs make winter grocery shopping awful. See below for a bunch of updates.  

1. Brian Posen’s Second City SkyBox Christmas Show starts this Friday 11/18 – goes till 12/30. $10 bucks of fun.

2. Get in on Black Friday Deals early. What’s Black Friday?

3. Turkey & Gravy soda anyone?

4. Jon Stewart is God

5. GoogleBase is not.

6. Nominate your sites for the 10th Annual Webby Awards in 06. Eddie Izzard won this year for humor. You have to be the owner or work as a part of the team that runs the site to nominate it. (Which is a little backward. I think I’m great, so I’ll nominate me. If you want unbiased nominations, shouldn’t they have consumers nominate? )

7. Who shops that early?

8. Gather is open for business. NPR people will like this.

9. Fun protective colorful cases for all your digital stuff.

10. And…Free Bombay Sapphire Wired Gadget Party at Enclave 11/30 6:30pm. email: bombay_rsvp@wiredmag.com

Well Done!

just wanted to post a quick note about Trapper’s latest remix/techno song. (KeyLime_Hide_and_Seek) I always dig his musical creations, but this one seems even better. I think it is similar to the Zero7 vibe I am into these days. It breaks at all the right moments, returns at the right times, and builds a rich and complex sound. See his post about it here. I currently have it in a loop with a few other new songs I have downloaded;

keylime_Hide_and_Seek 2005 5:45 Trapper Markelz Keylime Techno

Hung Up (Radio Edit) 2005 3:23 Madonna Confessions On a Dance Floor

Feels Just Like It Should 2005 3:40 Jamiroquai

Pretty Vegas 2005 3:26 INXS Pretty Vegas – Single

Also, I may have posted about this a while ago, but LastFM is a cool site I have been using latley. I downloaded the audioscrobbler program and it pings my my profile every time I play an iTunes song. So I can see what I have listened to most, least and over time. I can see who else listens to what I do. (apparetly other people have heard of Moxy Fruvous) A bonus was that someone on Flickr sent me a javascript file to put on my profile page on LJ and Flickr and it lists the latest song I have listened to there as well. Its just cool geek out stuff. If you like that sort of thing.

Sonic Death Cold

So, I am up at 2am because I have a sonic death cold version 2.o right now. I am not sure why I am the target of all viruses, but they seem thrilled that I ride the EL every day and they can target me there.

Times like this when I am stuck at home remind me about how completley inept I am at nesting type things. Cooking, cleaning, fixing things. I had a paper towel holder falling appart so I took it upon myself to replace it. I couldn’t get the old one off the cabinet and ended up litterally ripping it off in a very Jennifer Saunders-esque fit. The screws were covered by plastic snap in covers that wouldn’t come off. Needless to say, there are some giant holes left under the cabinet, but the new one is much better.

My lack of cooking skill also comes to light in times like these. I can fry and egg and scramble an egg. Thats about it. The last time I was at the jewel the cashier ringing up the sale asked me if a container of seasoned breadcrumbs was mine? Um, no I replied, I am not sure what those are but they look like they might be involved in cooking. She first looked confused, then she got the joke when she realized she had just scanned a bunch of microwave meals, yogurt and fruit. Yes indeed, no cooking required.

So maybe when I get over this latest sonic death virus, I should look into figuring out how to cook something…feel free to post suggestions as to what…

Neue Arbeit

I thought I’d post that it is official that I have a new job again. Same company, different game. I should publicly thank my current boss for being very cool and teaching me a lot, and thank my new boss for recruiting me over for this new role within the department. So, I can’t say what I did, nor what I will be doing, but I can break it down by the numbers:

Months in this role: 9

Number of different roles since hired: 6

Number of different bosses I have reported to: 9

Number of times I have had to move cubes: 8

Number of computers I have gone through: 5 (soon to be on #6)

Size of this department 2.5 years ago: 3

Size of this department today: 25

Number of employees in company when I started: 250

Number of employees now: 1200

Total time employed here: 3.5 years

I think saying that change is the only constant here is a bit of an understatement.


So a bunch of us from the office went to go see Wicked last night at the Ford Oriental Theater. It was an amazing show. If you aren’t familiar with it, they tell the pre-quel storey to the Wizzard of Oz. I am so impressed by Ana Gastyer’s singing. Everyone knows she can act and be funny from SNL, but this is really different. I reccomend checking it outif you can. Tickets are pricey, but if you buy a few months in advance you can get great seats. I have a picture of the marquis out front of the theater but like many photos, I haven’t had time to get it off the camera yet. I will try and post to Flickr this weekend.