Well Done!

just wanted to post a quick note about Trapper’s latest remix/techno song. (KeyLime_Hide_and_Seek) I always dig his musical creations, but this one seems even better. I think it is similar to the Zero7 vibe I am into these days. It breaks at all the right moments, returns at the right times, and builds a rich and complex sound. See his post about it here. I currently have it in a loop with a few other new songs I have downloaded;

keylime_Hide_and_Seek 2005 5:45 Trapper Markelz Keylime Techno

Hung Up (Radio Edit) 2005 3:23 Madonna Confessions On a Dance Floor

Feels Just Like It Should 2005 3:40 Jamiroquai

Pretty Vegas 2005 3:26 INXS Pretty Vegas – Single

Also, I may have posted about this a while ago, but LastFM is a cool site I have been using latley. I downloaded the audioscrobbler program and it pings my my profile every time I play an iTunes song. So I can see what I have listened to most, least and over time. I can see who else listens to what I do. (apparetly other people have heard of Moxy Fruvous) A bonus was that someone on Flickr sent me a javascript file to put on my profile page on LJ and Flickr and it lists the latest song I have listened to there as well. Its just cool geek out stuff. If you like that sort of thing.


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