It SNOWED in Chicago yesterday!

Yes it snowed yesterday, and made everything feel like Christmas, Thanksgiving and Winter all smooshed up together. This can only mean one thing. Time for Peapod to start delivering my groceries again. Not being able to park by my building and 3 flights of stairs make winter grocery shopping awful. See below for a bunch of updates.  

1. Brian Posen’s Second City SkyBox Christmas Show starts this Friday 11/18 – goes till 12/30. $10 bucks of fun.

2. Get in on Black Friday Deals early. What’s Black Friday?

3. Turkey & Gravy soda anyone?

4. Jon Stewart is God

5. GoogleBase is not.

6. Nominate your sites for the 10th Annual Webby Awards in 06. Eddie Izzard won this year for humor. You have to be the owner or work as a part of the team that runs the site to nominate it. (Which is a little backward. I think I’m great, so I’ll nominate me. If you want unbiased nominations, shouldn’t they have consumers nominate? )

7. Who shops that early?

8. Gather is open for business. NPR people will like this.

9. Fun protective colorful cases for all your digital stuff.

10. And…Free Bombay Sapphire Wired Gadget Party at Enclave 11/30 6:30pm. email:


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