Wal-Mart Dance Party

This made me smile. Some people decided to dance bomb a walmart and a target store. For no other reason except it is random and fun, and something you aren’t supposed to be doing. They also recorded it pretty well with hand held digital cameras, which I am sure will be the talk of their friends for some time to come. It reminds me of things like this we did dancing in odd places with swing. I even danced in the isle of a 747 in fligt on my way flying to LA to go to Catalina. So I guess I don’t view this as an act of disruption. I view it more of a creative way to push some boundaries.

I also think that if Walmart and Target were smart they would take this idea and make it into a TV commercial. They even chose some good music for you guys. Cool stuff and good music with dancing would be a big hit with college students, whicha are a major part of both of your customers.


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