Spiderman 3 Movie

trackingI think the internet is a buzz about the new spiderman 3 movie even though its a long way off yet and still filming. A trailer was leaked out on a cell phone and posted on YouTube last week and now everyone is gaga over it again. Then I see this site about it too.

 You gotta check out spiderfan.org. Speak your mind. Are you a true spiderman fan????

I think the spidermainia has taken over people’s minds. I am not too into the comic book thing, but the first 2 movies were pretty good. Check out the site if you’re into that kind of thing.


Carbon Pollution and You

Many people have notced and blogged about the rising cost of Gasoline latley, but the larger problem is a lack of supply and an abundance of pollution.
Why not take a cleaner route to your transit and energy needs by linking to carbonfund.org

Although the deepmarketsite thats sponsoring this looks pretty fishy to me.


 trackingSearch engines are pretty much the same these days right? Maybe not.

 I’ve long been a fan of Google and still use them as my default home page and do most searches there daily. I used Yahoo pre-google in 1995-98 but after that I have been pretty google-loyal.

 I’m not sure why but I began to understand what results I would get with google and knew how to find what I wanted. I didn’t get what I expected from Yahoo anymore and didn’t want their canned ideas for what I should read or do with their written content sections. Ask.com is just weird and most their results are paid listings. Google has paid listings too, but its easy to figure out where and I only use them if the organic results aren’t what I wanted.

 So all in all I’m still a google fan years later. Which search engine do you use?

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