Office Space

I went to a tech group dinner the other night expecting to see people from large organizations in the area and instead saw a lot of startup companies and people starting their own businesses and sites. This was suprising to see. It isn’t easy trying to work from home (despite what the ads say) and sooner or later you have to graduate to a professional workspace. The big hurdle here is the cost. You usually have to lease a really large space by the year. This costs thousands of dollars, whether your company is profitable or not.

One solution is a new site called Offices2Share.  They are a solution that offers smaller spaces that you can sublet or rent month to month rather than for a long period of time. The bonus is also that most already include internet & phone lines and some even a front desk and secretary service. That is way better than working in your garage or basement. It all seems pretty affordable too. A 200 sq foot space in Oak Brook, IL is listed for $ 400.00 per month. That’s enough space for a few workers, and more profitable than a large lease.

I’ve always wanted to start my own business but lacked the space to do it. I will keep this site in mind next time I am looking or know of someone who needs ofice space. Check out Offices2Share online today.


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