Bahama Vacation

I was thinking it would be good to get away for a vacation again. I know I was just in Michigan, but it was just 2 days. I’d really like to go back to the Bahamas. I’m thinking of beaches, sand and beautiful water. I was there a few years ago with some friends on a group vacation. We wanted to get away affordably and this was cheaper than a lot of other destinations we looked at. So Linda, Marshall, Spike, Mike, Heather, Laura, Jim and I all flew out and stayed at the beautiful Wynham Nassau Resort on Nassau Paradise Island. And what a resort it was. They had their own private beach area of which we rotated between that and the bar. I have to say there are some moments that I’ve forgotten or were lost due to many yummy tropical drinks and too much sun (I did get sunburnt a bit) but the rest was incredible. It was a tropical getaway I won’t soon forget. I wonder what the gang is up to now? Maybe we should plan a reunion trip for this winter and get away someplace warm again?


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