I think one of the best sites online today is YouTube. The reaso for this is that every time I go there I am stuck there viewing things for about 2 hours. Its incredibly engaging and has such a sitickyness to the site. One challenge they have though is how to make money to stay afloat. Any business model has to make more money than it spends to survive. Appart from the startup phase, this is the hard fast rule. I think they are looking at ways to generate revenue, but haven’t decided just yet. I think there are several paths:

1. Sell out the farm – get google text ads all over the place, sell banners all over the place and monetize it in a way that directs traffic away from your site and see the avg time on site drop like a stone in a lake. I don’t reccomend this.

2. Hgh level partnerships – Partner with movie studios, news organizations and TV networks to get content in front of people on the site. Promotional space on site to promote featured videos. Make sure its not commercials, its original content made for the web that drives people to their products by generating a genuine liking for them because they are cool and enetertaining.

3. Paid memberships – depending on bandwith costs you might want to charge for memberships over a certain upload or download limint. This decreases traffic to site and content uploaded but may retain the time on site numbers.


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