Payroll Processing

There comes a time when your small company has outgrown its desktop software and in house payroll and find a more efficient solution. There are a lot of rules and regulations that have to be followed and you want to ensure that things are processed correctly. eSmartPayroll offers the services that your company needs online 24/7 every day. You can manage the entire process online and its more cost effective than a fancy service like ADP. They have online W-2, 940, 1099, and I-9 forms. They provide a way to manage all these important mandatory payroll processes online anytime of day.  Managing your HR payroll processes online like this saves your company time and money by eliminating paperwork, filing, and increasing accuracy in processing. They offer cool Payroll Tax / Withholding calculators for both Federal and most State forms. The calculators compute your payroll taxes (Federal, State, Medicare) and keep track of cumulative tax amounts for each employee. It uses Microsoft Word, it is simple, convenient, fast and versatile for managing the payroll of small & medium sized companies. Also, July 31st is the deadline for form 941 quarterly payroll filing. E-Filing might be the most efficient, accurate and cost effective way to handle your company’s payroll filing needs. Also, an note for
California based companies, eSmartPayroll is one of the few companies that offers IRS approved DE6 California State payroll tax forms through e-file. Form and e-file prices start at only $3.95 for form 941, $5.00 for form 940-EZ, W-2, W-2C, 1099-MISC, 1099-MISC Correction, DE-6, and $10.00 for form 940 when filing one form. For more information about eSmartPayroll or forms 941, DE6, 1099 and others, please visit

If you have more questions about their services please see the FAQ section of the eSmartPayroll site or contact them for more information.