Marketing News

Some headlines I have been reading latley:

1. Demographics of bloggers – Looks like the 18-34 age range is still the most active on blogs. It makes sense, you don’t want to let your kids run free on the Internet before 18 and if you’re over 34 you’re probably not as much into the Internet as a generality. I think it makes sense if you target that age group (students & yuppies) to use blogs for messaging and marketing. Otherwise its not as clear. (the fact that 12-17 yr olds are 11% is a little scary considering all the myspace issues lately, but it also shows us how digital that younger generation will be)

2. YouTube views 100 Million videos per day – That’s incredible. They have evidently also caved to revenue and business model pressures though because I have noticed a bunch of the most annoying banners possible right front and center on the site lately.

3. The Office Webisodes are up. There all the buzz here.

4. How not to be a dot bomb this time around – some good advice for web startups during bubble 2.0 that’s growing right now.


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