Bugs, Viruses & Spyware Oh My…

I have been trying to battle viruses and spyware on my computers for years. I go through a laptop reformat about every 6 months because its that bad out there these days. I did find a new site though that offers a system cleaning software product that helps eliminate these issues ad others. Its Pointstone.com. This is the list of products they offer on their site:

1. Disk Cleaner, removes junk data and recovers disk space by cleaning your computer for obsolete, temporary files and broken shortcuts.

2. Registry Cleaner, that optimizes and fixes your computer’s database by removing invalid and error producing entries from your system.

3. Registry Defrag, that fixes physical errors and defragments your computer’s internal database. Privacy Protector, gets rid of unwanted clutter and keeps sensitive information secure.

4. Startup Manager, controls which programs are executed at Windows startup. Internet Explorer Extensions Manager, manages browser extensions and diagnose and resolves conflicts by temporarily disabling them.

5. Disk Space Explorer, displays hard disk space usage and analyze which areas take most space on your disks.


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