Grant Money is something people think is a myth, like a unicorn, a creature that doesn’t really exist. In college the financial aid people never had grant money, when you wanted to start a business there was never any either. Why would there be some now? Well apparently it depends on where you look. There is a new site that links together more grant resources than have been linked before and has money to grant for specific purposes like education, business and some kinds of housing. Do some research and find out if your situation qualifies for these funds at

These are the examples they give: (you have to research the quallifying terms on the site)

– Get $3,400 from the government to trade in your old gas guzzler for a snazzy new car.

– Get $1,648 on your next check with a 1-page form.

– Get $215-$300 per month towards your rent.

– Legally eliminate up to 90% of what you own on credit cards

– Get up to $20,000 in down payment money from the government to buy a house. Money does not need to be repaid. First time buyers only.

– Collect residual income sitting at home.

– Get a job anywhere nationwide (up to $41.93 per hour) with government help to train you.


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