Green Lighing

Along the summer theme we have going today…I have been spending some time out in the yard in the evenings and its the only time I can be outside all day. (Its so hot during the day) In the midwest we’re a bit nuts about our yards and making them our own, lots of people have spent a lot of money on landscaping, decks, lawn furniture, pools, lighting and grills.

So how do you reconcile your love of the green without destroying the earth? Solar power is  good start, and while there isn’t a viable solar powered grill available yet, there are solar powered yard lights. Check out these Solar Lights for your yard…how cool is that? You can enjoy your yard after dusk without ading to the electric bill. Plus you don’t have to run electric lines out to the yard and dig a trench to burry them either. Just put these down, let the sun shine and enjoy after dusk. As easy as pie.


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