I have relatives that moved out to Arizona when I was a kid. We thought they were a little nuts to go live where its so hot that you can’t touch the door handle on your car in the summer, but things ahve changed a bit since then. The Scottsdale real estate market has gone crazy because its so popular to live there, and avoid the opposite end of the weather spectrum; when its so cold that you can’t touch the door handle on your car without gloves in the winter. I guess they had the right idea. My cousin just had a baby, so I actually have to go out there sometime soon and visit.



This week in TIME they have the regular recap of world and national events happening…plus they have a 10 question interview with Morgan Spurlock, the guy that did the mdconalds documentary (supersize me) and now has a cable show called “30 days”. check it out online….


I have had some good managers and some not-so-good ones. I think we all get the gamut really.

I don’t think its an easy job though. Its tough to not only produce work on your own, but to manage the work of a group of others as well. There are always multiple things going on and there has been lots of software developed over the years to try to manage these processes. One new company is called Manager Assistant and they have developed an employee management software product. This tool has the ability to track all the areas of management you work with (attendance, reviews, performance, goals, training, security & recruitment) so you have accurate records that help you manage processes and employees. Its a type of software you’re going to want to try before you buy, so I’d recommend doing the 14 day trial first, and see if this is a solution that will help streamline your management tasks and create a reliable documentation system. It looks like it is a pretty good software program.

New Tools

Some new sites I have come across this morning that I like…

1. Flickrshow – a site that takes a set of your photos (or anyone’s) and creates a slide show that you can embed in your site. Pretty cool.

2. Snapbits – for all the little things you keep forgetting.

3. Technorati – well this site isn’t new at all, but they revamped it so it looks like a new site. Check out the enhancements, especially the discover page.  


Summertime is the time for tan. And suprisingly its very popular here since I’m in the midwest and not everyone gets sun here, not even in the summer. Its been raining a lot latley. So, here’s a good site that specializes in all the stuff you would need to tan at home any time of year. See more info here about Tanning Beds & more. 


This is an interesting article I found about Wikipedia. Its a good history of how it was founded and how it works now. They also go into some detail about the interesting bits of information that are in the entries. Its really is interesting to search and read up on information there. I know I’ve spent plenty of hours reading and learning also. Check out the article here.