two point what?

Everything seems to be in bubble 2.0 mode right now. Venture capitalists have gone cukoo investing in any site with mac syle reflective buttons and missing vowels in its name. They are looking for growth, revenue and IPOs above all else and if they don’t get what they want the bubble will pop like some watermelon bubbleicious gum. Here’s another way to play along at home. The web2.0 logo tracker. Log in and rate (in a web 2.0 ajax kind of way) the sites as you preuse the alexacronic data and route for your favorite site.

Entry level jobs

I have been out of school for a while now, but I have cousins that are just graduating and contemplating that jump feet first into the working world. Its a dauting step to take when you’ve spent your past 4-5 years reading, writing and partying like its 1999. The good thing is that there are web sites to help. There are a plethora of job posting sites that list all kinds of jobs from entry level to executive level but here is one that specializes in just jobs for entry level grads. Jump start your entry level job search today with

Bush Books?

There was a press report that president Bush read 60 books this year and everyone was rather suprised since he isn’t the best speaker and doesn’t come across as the most intelligent person most of the time. I’d like to clarify that he more than likley started 60 books but he didn’t finish them. I know how hard it is to find the time to finish books as a working person, but it must be worse as the president of the United States. Either that or he ate 60 books. One of those two.

One touch can opener

How cool is this? Cold weather soup season is coming up in a few months and this one touch can opener is wicked cool. I think I am going to order a few for the office because we all have soup for lunch here in the fall & winter. It is battery operated, so you need 2 aa batteries to run it, but its the size of a hand can opener with the ease of an electric. Its safer too because it cuts inside so you don’t catch any sharp edges. Just like as seen on TV.

The stuff they don’t tell you

Some advice from me to you…things I would have liked to have known but I didn’t until it was too late.

Never buy a URL and list it as a business URL. You will get spammed and called by every telemarketer in the book. Especially through godaddy. They’re the worst. They sell their customer lists to anyone and everyone.

If you work for the government, especially locally in schools as a teacher or for public works, people can request information about your job and how much money you make. In fact there is a site out now (that I’m not going to link to) that is publishing all the teacher’s salaries in Illinois by name online. They say its legal, and I don’t think it is because your personal identity information is being compromised. and they refuse to remove it by request. If they said to you when you got hired: Oh by the way we’re going to publish your name, title, address, phone and email with your salary history on the internet for each year you work here…I don’t think anyone would ever be a teacher. I only found out through a routine google alert I have up for myself. 

Home for Gnomes

Its the end of the summer. That means the sun goes down quicker, the days get cooler and everything goes on sale. Its a great time to pick up things for your home and garden at great discounts and reduced prices. One example are these garden gnomes. They have been popular again latley due to the movie Amilie and even Travelocity picked up on the trend. Why not dress up your yard with a friendly Gnome too? They have a special folklore of good luck.

And here’s a special coupon code I found for 10% on a gnome or any other item:

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