Not too long ago I had a job with international products and contemplated a move to London where they were headquartered. Its not a path I went down, but I was researching places to live in relation to the office there and it was interesting to see how things are different and try to get a feel for a place an ocean away while looking over the internet. Since then though a new UK Property Search Engine has emerged that looks like an aggregator of housing listings (vacancies) for rent and for sale from bunch of sources that you can search all in one search. Most listings include pictures of the properties and they have a google map mashup on the side so you can see where your listings are, and its just cool. We don’t have anything exactly like it here in the US.

They just focus on London housing right now, but are working on adding more property locations soon and offering more services soon. They have links to popular searches now (kensington, Bayswater, N16, Rotherhithe) and as well as other locations. (Chelsea, Abbey Road, EC1) I like what they have built and if I was going to move over to London, I’d be researching there right now.


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