Paid for reading?

I’ve never heard of this before but someone forwarded me this email about being paid to read and click on emails. I am not sure how it works exactly but is it too easy to be true? They say that they send you emails and you have to do is open and read them or click on the banners specified. I think if you were  a college student looking for a way to generate extra beer money that might work, or extra cash in general, but its not a whole job in and of itself. I would be interested to see if anyone has tried it? and how they found it? If its true it couldn’t be easier to do, and anyone and everyone online with an email account would be able to participate. Why wouldn’t you want extra cash? I can’t think of an easier way to make money when you’re online. If you have a computer you should be able to generate cash with it right? It seems like a good idea to me. They have a bunch of instructions on their site that give more detail and fill you in on how you too can participate in this program.

To check it out for yourself online, see here.


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