Text Books

Its that time of year again when all the stores push shower caddies and extra long bedsheet sets for the college students going back to school ina few weeks. It seems that every college student (and probably High School too) has to have a microwave, tv, dvd player, laptop, ipod, cell phone, rice maker, hot plate, and the ever popular shower caddie & xl bedsheet combo set.

The funny thing about all this hulabaloo is that they leave out most important and expensive part of going to college each semester. The purchase of new text books. If you get them at the campus bookstore you pay a premium for something that’s required but you only use for a few months. Some of these books cost hundreds of dollars.

One great alternative I found is to buy text books online at Amazon.com. You can often pick up the same exact books, same edition and all, there for a lot less than your campus bookstore. (like efollett) This is better than a discount coupon code:

New Textbooks:
Through October 7th, customers can save up to 20% off campus bookstore prices on new textbooks sold by Amazon.com.
Save an extra $15 when they spend over $150 on new textbooks sold by Amazon.com. (wohoo!)

Used Textbooks:
millions of used textbooks at up to 90% off list prices.


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