Burned out?

Can you get burned out on blogging? I’ve been blogging pretty furiously for the past few months. Its been interesting. I’ve learned a lot about the different hosting companies and more about the blogosphere in general. Some things worked some didn’t and I know more about where its worth it to spend my time.

I appreciate the feedback and comments and sometimes that’s what keeps me writing. I think being a content source is harder than it looks. Yes, anyone can blog, but making something that is interesting on a regular basis is difficult. Plus it should be proofread and edited to polish it. My posts aren’t edited or proofread most times, but I’m working on doing this at times when I do have time to do that, so it isn’t such an issue. All in all I think I have learned a lot about blogging but need a bit of a break to rekindle the fire. Sometimes you can have too much of a good thing.


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