Gen Y

I think that a lot of companies are trying to understand the generation Y demographic. And you can look at the trail of breadcrumbs they leave on the internet to analyze it, but its a tough thing to do. I’d guess that the Gen Y people don’t even truly understand themeselves yet. The gen Y age group is defined as people born between 1978-2000. (via wikipedia) Which is a wiiiiide berth. Youve really got 3 or 4 subgroups in there. (I don’t fall in any of them though, I am told I am an X-er but I live more like a Y-er. )

The thing is, someone who is between the ages of 6 and 18 probably hasn’t gelled into the person who likes and dislikes certain things yet, and they’re into expressing themselves in an effort to figure that out like all young people are.

That being said though I think that this site does a good job of tracking this ever changing and evolving group and has some interesting articles posted. If you just want to keep up on what’s changing and happening as it happens, this is a good blog to read or syndicate.


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