Buying a HDTV

I know we’ve already heard rumbligs about this, but the analog Tv channels that we all have available right now are scheduled to go off in 2009 in favor of a Digital Broadcast network. Those signals aren’t receivable via your current TV, unless its a HDTV. USA Today says that 15% of us (me included) still get their TV signalls through rabbit ears. (I can’t get cable where I am) and we will have to buy adapers or new TVs alltogether before 2009. I just bought mine in 2002 so I’d like to keep it, but with no info on adapters yet I don’t know if that will be possible. Instead I am being forced to learn about the new digital TVs available and this HDTV thing.

A resource I’ve found for that is the The New TV Guide (not what to watch…its what to buy). And apparently there are more kinds of TVs now, than ever. They look and act more like computers also. They have descriptions of the HDTV and Flat screen as well as plasma TVs. Also, watch out because at the local Best Buy and Circuit City they sell TV “monitors” which are basically a big computer monitor that can’t recieve any signals at all until you buy more parts. That’s why they’re cheaper. You have to go back and buy recievers, digital antennas and connecors, plus your living room starts to look like a stero full of components from the 1970s. Check out the TV buying guide and investigate everything you need to get it up and running before you buy.


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