Carson’s Closing Chicago State Street Store

Its sad that first Marshall Field’s Company (the main store is on State street in Chicago) was bought from target and converted into Macy’s and now they announce that the Carson’s state street store will close altogether. How sad that the historically significant (department) stores can’t make enough money to stay afloat. Personally I’ve thought that Carson’s has been behind the times and catering to the older generations the past 5 years but I didn’t think they’d close the flagship store. I wonder if this is a sign that the rest of the chain isn’t in good shape either? I also wonder what will become of the architecturally and historically significant Louis Sullivan scrolling ironwork facade on the building? Will the new owners or tennants keep it? Will it be removed or torn down? It gives the building a very specific dark almost gothic feel. Not every business wants that, and its a lot of square feet to sell or rent.  

The consumer marketplace is changing these days. Big box discount retailers (bestbuy & walmart & target) do well while department stores don’t. Specialty high end vertical retailers like pottery barn and banana republic do well and more and more is purchased on the net each day. I guess we’re going to see a few more casualties as things continue to change…


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