I noticed that there are tools here on WordPress that alow me to see how many people are reading my blog and which posts are popular. Its suprising to me. I have some readers who most likley know me offline and syndicate this blog to their reader, but I also have a lot of readers I don’t know personally. This is the amazing part. I’ve written other blogs for YEARS and not had this many readers.  And its not like its a ton, I am sure many people have more than I do, but its interesting…

I am not sure what the difference is for this blog vs my others. Is the wiritng different? Is the content better? Is wordpress just better at getting my posts into search engines and technorati? Im not sure, but I plan to keep on blogging and see where things go. I know that my posts seem to run the gamut with topics, I’m not really focused on any one kind of content, and like to blog about anything I see or have contact with. I know this can be frustrating for readers unless you’re as fragmented or media addicted as I am.

I am considering breaking this blog into a few smaller ones focused on topics I regularly blog about. I think categprizing the ones I have here first would be a good start though. If you have feedback for me, post it and let me know what you think. I’m always interested in feedback, good or bad.


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