What is VOIP?

VOIP sounds like some kind of bug or maybe a new soft drink soda. Its actually an acronym for:





This allows your computer to take your audio of your voice, digitize it, packet it, and send it to someone who is on another computer via the internet (or to a land phone line) in real time. I remember hearing about this term back in 1999 ish when I was a secretary at a company doing recruiting for Motorola looking for VOIP hardware engineers. I still don’t know what MOTO did with it because they aren’t in the Skype or Vonage business.

Many people like this type of internet phone service because it isn’t subject to phone company high prices or long distance fees for long distance or international calls. All you need is a reliable internet connection. If your internet isn’t reliable, then don’t do it. I know one person that had his cable, internet and phone via voip all through the same company and it all went down all the time. That sucked. So its risky to a point, but you have to check it out and do your research first. I recommend finding out who in your neighborhood uses it and how the service is in your area before making any decisions.

Damn it, now that stupid vonage song wo-hoo, wo-ho-hooo is in my head. Crap. Or Carp.


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