West Elm

Speaking of minimalism and less stuff in general…I found this store that I really like. West Elm. Its different than pottery barn, crate and barrel and z gallerie because they focus on modern and minimalist type home decorating. Its so different than what we’re used to. Instead of filling your house with knick nacks and lots of overly ornate things, they provide a sleek modern look for homes that is open, airy and clean. Its a bit like stepping back into 1965 or 1972 sometimes, but those times were more modern and simple from a design perspective. I don’t think its for everyone, but I like that there is an alternative to the pottery barn home.


One thought on “West Elm

  1. This is just Beautiful I love the clean line and what brought it to my attention was the colors I just love the Browns with the Blues but it has to be the right shade of each color. I love the rug and throw pillows on the floor (for extra seating). Thank you for the inspirational idea for my living room, I am not decorator savy. My idea of decorating is putting a blanket over the couch and there we go. Ha Ha
    Thank you so much
    Roberta from Wisconsin

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