Computer Security

I have the luxury of having my own computer and no one else uses it. I know many people don’t though, and its hard to keep track of who does what when and where. Especially for families that have kids that surf the internet and use email. Its risky because there are so many things that happen on the internet that are otherwise not monitored. There is tracking software you can use to track what goes on with your computer when other people are logged on. SpectorSoft is the worldwide leader tracking software. They have been written about in countless major media outlets like CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC and The Wall Street Journal because of the service that they offer. This tracking software can help you find out where your kids surf and if they are in contact with questionable people or doing things on myspace that are putting them at risk. Tracking them online may seem like an invasion of privacy, but its also a defense if your family’s security. You have to weigh the risks of not knowing vs the issue of tracking them. I think many families have learned the hard way that its better to know what your kids are doing online before something bad happens.


One thought on “Computer Security

  1. There are plenty of slightly more lo-tech ways of finding out what they were up to, including checking histories, autocomplete, cookies and cache. The best way is probably to educate them first. Detective work is an alternative, but can sometimes be wrong, trust works much better.

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