The Emmy Awards were last night, and like many people I was oblivious to it. I had family visiting so I was out and about and nowhere near a TV. I heard this morning that Kiefer Sutherland won for best drma actor on 24 and the show 24 won for best drama overall. That’s awesome and I’m glad I discovered it a few weeks ago so I can appreciate the win. It only took me 5 years to start watching it, and apparently the academy needed that long too. Congrats to everyone who works on the show, for a job well done. Megan Mulally also won for her longtime role of crazy dunk Karen on Will & Grace getting the emmy for best comedy supporting actor. I think we will miss that character a lot and no one will know who she is this September when her talk show starts and she’s not on TV talking like that.  Read more about all the winners. 


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