Social Chat

Social networking sites where you can share and comment on information as well as chat in real time with people you meet has become all the rage. Is just part of how we use the internet now. Meeting and chatting with someone from another city, state or country over the internet is considered less creepy and more interesting than it was years ago. Mostly because chat sites don’t require as much personal information from you so you can remain anonamous and its much safer now. Its interesting though that chatting in a chatroom is still popular after all these years.

Tommy Tiernan

I went to see a Tommy Tiernan show at the Mercury theater last night in Chicago. He is an Irish standup comedian and he’s very funny. I was impressed by his storytelling and punchlines in the show. A lot of Irish chicagoans seemed to be there at the show. I know there is a huge irish contingent in Chicago and they showed up last night. His humor ranges from explaining the origins of many Irish stereotypes and putting them into several funny stories and going into characatures of people he knew growing up or meets now. He also seems to do a lot of impressions of priests. But being Irish Catholic will do that to ya. Because I’m polish catholic, (or was at least raised that way) I identify with a lot of what he says because the polish are not that dissimilar. All in all he provides an insight into a very humorous world he lives in and brings us along for a wild ride. Check him out if you have a show coming to a city near you.

Nokia 2.0

I have been a reader of Business 2.0 for a few years now, and along with WIRED and TIME magazine they are part of my regular reading schedule. One article I found interesting this week was about Nokia getting into the blackberry smartphone market. I looove Nokia phones, and up until I bought my Palm Treo 650 this spring had only owned Nokia phones. They didn’t have a smartphone that was affordable, small and had email and internet and a camera included at the time. Business 2.o points out that all this may change with the launch of the new E62 smartphone. They report that its small and light ala the Motorola Q but will sell through Cingular for a lot less ($ 150.00).  If I had not just invested in my palm treo, I’d be interested. Business 2.0 thinks they will gain marketshare with this clever new device, and I think so too.

Drug Rehab

Recently Robin Williams admitted a drinking problem and admitted himself to a rehab center. I think people were suprised because its been decades since they have heard about him having an issue with anything like that. I don’t think its an uncommon problem though. I know people who I went to high school with in suburbia who have had to spend time in drug rehab centers working through their addiction to alcohol and some drugs. Its everywhere. Not just the inner cities and some celebrities. Its in all of our towns and most schools and colleges in some way. Drug problems and addictions happen for some very serious reasons and taking the time to work out the issues in a place that has the therapy and services you need is the best way to beat a demon like that. If you know someone who needs help, look into getting them to admit to a rehab center to get the help that they need.

Lorazepam has opened up a free resource library of information for health care professionals online. Their database covers over 3,300 drugs and has over 500,000 subscribers that use the resource now in medical offices and hospitals. Its a great reference guide that has all the pertinent information at your fingertips. Making it available for free online is a great way to help health care professionals get information quickly and easily from anywhere. It saves time and money by making this information available anywhere for clinicians quickly and easily. Check them out and see this example listing for Lorazepam. It has all the information available about this new drug. If you run a medical office or work within the information technology resources for a hospital you should look into this for your staff too.


The radiators finally just went on in my place. Hallelujah! Its been in the 40’s at night and its been cold in my place for weeks. I’m so glad to have the heat back on again, even though the radiators clank, gargle and hiss when they work. Someday I’ll be able to afford a place with regular forced air heat and not have the radiator noise issue, but until then I’m happy being warm. 🙂


I’ve been a fan of the ThinkGeek site for a long time now. I started buying things there about 4 years ago. I actually still have the chimp rear view mirror on my monitor at work. I also enjoy the caffiene candy even though I am not a coder that stays up all night.

Latley they’ve updated with all kinds of cool new stuff. The thing I am most curious about is the Nabaztag wifi smart rabbit. Its a little pricey but its cool. I first saw it on a french site and emailed about it about a year ago. It only spoke french at that time, so I thought maybe it would be better to wait on this gadget. Latley I’ve seen it talked about on sites again and its available in english. Its cool because it updates you with whatever information you need, weather, news & rss feeds and it wiggles its ears and blinks when things change. Its the perfect combination of info-technology and cute. Is that info-tainment? Anyway, there’s so many cool things on their site I could spend hours surfing there. (And the Nabaztag is on my christms list)