My neighbors just started playing salsa music really loudly and I can hear it through the walls. As much as I like salsa music, its a bit odd to hear it at noon while I’m trying to work. See owning a condo isn’t all its cracked up to be. If you live in an appartment or condo here’s some tips for not pissing off your neighbors:

1. Take off your shoes when you come in. The shoes make unbelievable noise on the celing fo the people below you.

2. Don’t play your TV very loud, if you can hear it in the next room of your place, you can hear it in the units above and below you. Turn it down to a level you can’t hear in the next room. Same goes for your phone voice, radio and CDs.

3. Don’t leave stuff in the hallways or on the back portch or stairs. Nuff said.

4. Keep your pets quiet (constant barking) and don’t buy noisy exercise equipment that you use every morning at 5 am. (treadmill/rowing machine) Same goes for domestic issues. If you’re going to have a knock down drag out yelling fight with your spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend take it elsewhere, outside, or just speak in a normal tone of voice in a very threatening way…Ok so this one can’t always be controlled, but know that your neighbors hear every word of your fights over a normal tone volume level. If nothing else keep the volume down just because its embarassing.

5. Keep the sound turned off on your computer or just plug in headphones for listening to itunes or youtube videos online.

6. Let your neighbors know if you’re havng a big party so they know to be out that weekend…and also let them know when you plan on doing any remodeling or construction work on your place. Nothing’s more annoying and frustrating than waking up to workers doing noisy demolition work on the unit below yours at 6am on a Saturday.

As a neighbor I try and do all these things (I don’t have pets and keep my volume down on everything) but I also bought foam earplugs so that when they’re inconsiderate I can just pop them in like right now and ignore them.


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