Soda has been taking a hit in popularity these days and not to something we would have ever anticipated. WATER! I think all the futurists and people who forecast things could not have possibly said 10 years ago that water, which can come from a tap for free, would be this popular. Part of it is marketing, and part of it is health related. Well then all of its marketing. I am sitting here drinking pelligrino while I blog because I saw it in the Devil Wears Prada Movie and we all drank it a lot when i was in Cannes. Its international, sophisticated, has minerals like calcium and no calories. So someone did their marketing pretty well there huh? How to change the market’s need for something in 3 easy steps:

1. Give it away free or buy excusivity for your product in a prominent place in order to gain exposure to people and associate it with the popularity of the event or location.

2. Advertise the health benefits. If you don’t have any, do some research and find some. This is for the offiical marketing campaign. (they don’t say red wine and chocolate are heathy for nothing) TV Print Radio and the like. Don’t blast things too much though. Its overkill.

3. Buy product placement in movies TV shows and with celebs.

4. There’s more you can do if its a complicated product that people will be willing to have a complicated relationship with. Online email marketing newsletters, ppc, blogs and viral campaigns are all good for those kinds of products in reinforcing the brand and keeping the relationship long term.


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