Flickr Tools

I am a huge fan of the site Flickr. I have used it for a year and a few months now and its the best photo sharing site ever. I think the thing that contributed most to its success is the quality of photos on the site. They got really good photographers involved from the beginning and no matter how crap your pictures are you are always mesmorized by the amazing shots of those great photographers. Then you want to take shots like that too, and you try and learn from them. I have learned a ton from looking at photos there. I still don’t take the best shots but I am lightyears better than I was a year ago. The site also has a lot of really well designed features and sharign tools. You can “favorite” photos you like and want to look back at later. there is also a comment feature that you can use if you’re logged in. People also can send messages through the flickr mail system. Its nice because its still anonamous but with email. You also find people from all over the world sharing parts of their daily life through photos. Its just amazing to see what everyone is doing at the same day or time all over the world. There are more things that unite us than they divide us, and flickr is helping us share that with eachother.


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