Tail Bone Seat

Although it has a funny name, there’s nothing funny about injuring, bruising or breaking your tailbone. For as small as it is, it packs a big punch when it comes to pain because its in an area that gets direct pressure when you sit down. See an x-ray of a broken tailbone here: http://www.al-hikmah.org/coccyx-fracture.asp  Ouch!

Sitting in pain like that makes that time healing longer and more painful that other injuries you might have. There is a special chair that you can buy though that is made specifically for the purpose of healing and not hurting your tailbone. Its called the coccyx chair. See the definition of the coccyx bone on Wikipedia here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coccyx

It gets is name from the name of the last bone on your tailbone and its a great solution for tailbone pressure relief. Its got great padding that supports and cushions you all day as you work. Its also a good chair for improving your back posture if you have back problems. So if you buy one for your tailbone, you will keep using it for your back posture. So check them out here: coccyx chairs and see if this chair will help relieve pain while your tailbone heals.


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