Cleaner Air

I am someone who deals with allergies daily. I have had them for years. I am allergic to a long list of things, but most strongly to pollen, mold and dust. 3 things that are all around me all the time. In order to try and minimize the symptoms of allergies, you can take meds or clean the air and limit the allergens you come in contact with. People like me usually buy air purifiers for their home and office. I don’t have one at work, but I do have one at home. I also just discovered a new one that I wish I would have known about when I was shopping for one. Its the airfree P80 air purifier. See the digram to view how it works.

Its the world’s most tested air purifier and it removes 99.9% of all micro-organisms in the air. It is an ozone free air purifier and its very energy efficient. A bonus too is that it’s a silent air purifier so it doesn’t constantly create extra noise that you don’t need in your home or workspace. What’s also great is that its so small. Its less than 2 feet tall. The air ionozer I have now is almost 4 feet tall and rotates around in a big circle so this one takes up much less space. All this, and its certified that it removes between 85 & 95% of the mold and bacteria in a 325 sq ft radius. Its a small air purifier that packs a big punch.

Check out the Airfree P80 online. I think I might just order one too.


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