See this! Sept 16, 2006

If some of you out there don’t know what I am talking about when I ramble on about Eddie Izzard and Improv comedy. There is something on BBC America this weekend that will help.

Go to right now, and see the promo commercial they’re running on the home page for his shows on that channel. It goes directly to your reptilian brain stem and delivers a hit of endorphins. Good stuff man. Like they say on the site: We’re letting Eddie Izzard loose, and who knows what will happen…

Check out the commercial now, and the shows if you’ve never seen them before. And anyone else that tells me that standup comedy has to be agonizing pre-written canned one liner jokes is going to get smacked upside the head. Improv + Standup = funny haha.

Looks like they’re running the most popular 3 of his 7 shows and a mockumentary.

1. The lust for glorious (a rockumentary mockumentary)

2. Glorious

3. Dress to Kill (what this has to do with the 70’s movie dressed to kill no one knows) This is the show that garnered 2 Emmys in 2000.

4. Circle

Just a warning, if you do watch all 4 stacked and uncut, you may end up passed out unconsious on your couch from all the serotonin in that short time.


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