I have written about Martha Stewart’s new Blueprint magazine before but I wanted to share some of the tips from this month’s magazine that I thought were particularly helpful.

1. Liquid bandaid bandage is great for stopping blisters that are in progress (or preventing those that you know happen every time you wear those shoes). Put it on the area rubbing and the liquid bandage gets the stress of the shoe rubbing and your skin doesn’t. I think that’s the best re-purpose of a product I’ve ever heard of.

2. Putting curaid scar therapy strips on an existing cut or scab helps it from leaving a scar when it heals. Its the same process it would use after ir heals and you’re using the scar therapy, it s just preventing it from happening in the first place.

3. Big gaudy faux rings like thos popular in the 60’s and 70’s are back, go raid your mom’s and grand mom’s jewelry boxes to find some to borrow for the season. Or go to your vaorite vintage store to find your own treasures.

4. Terrariums are back too. Likewise these can be found in the 60’s and 70’s pile in the basement of most homes. Try huge brandy glass shaped vessels you can find at garage sales too. Plant with the kind of succulents that don’t need much water, and have some retro style.

5. Need a cheap shower curtain? Sailcloth is tough and durable and cheap. A few gomets later you’ve got home made curtains or a shower curtain that will last forever.


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