Artificial Christmas Trees

Its September. You all know what that means?

The beginning of the Christmas & Holiday season for Retailers. I stopped in to my local Marshall Fields Macy’s last week and saw that the trees were going up and the ornaments were being put up already in the special “Christmas” department downstairs. Its comforting to know that Macy’s will continue to carry many of the same things, but somehow its just not the same. I’ve bought glass ornaments there for about 10 years. Its just part of the tradition.

Also, part of the tradition we use artificial trees rather than live or real ones. They are neater, easy to put together, they last for 15-20 years and they look exactly the same as the real ones once they’re loaded with ornaments, tinsle and lights. (most come pre-lit now too) If you miss the evergreen smell, you can always buy a candle with an evergreen scent. I highly reccomend getting a fake tree rather than a real one. I am not a fan of the tree loosing needles all over the place and being almost bare within a week. You never have to worry about those things when you un-box your artificial tree each year. Check it out the artificial christmas trees online here.


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