Dancing with the TV

I was sucked in and watched dancing with the stars tonight. I can’t believe I’m watching this along with middle america. Gah.

Here’s some impressions of tonight’s dances:

Joey Lawrence did the closest thing to a real quickstep. He deserves props for that. Its a difficult dance and takes a lot of strength and control. Yes Emmit Smith did a close one too, but Joey had a better frame. I really like that Jerry Springer and Larry Hamlin are so into this, but they’re both struggling. I wish I could be there to help. Its great that people like this have taken an interest in dance and are experiencing the joy you get from being on a dance floor. Trust me, its just as good when there aren’t cameras and an audience. Some of my best dance memories are just from me and my dance partners closing down a bar late at night dancing by ourselves.

One thing they don’t say on the show is that the girls learning to dance have the advantage because they just have to dance, the guys have to dance and lead. Which is a lot harder. I think that Vivica Fox and Monique Coleman have a lot of potential but this style of dance is very contrary to the type of movement they are used to, and you see them struggle to maintain it through a 1/2 song they do. I hope they get into this new style because they have the body awareness to do dance steps and learn this.

The other thing I’d like to see is the stars to take more time on camera to thank their partners and give them credit and let them talk too. The partners/instructors are the ones with the dance knowledge, choreography and performance training that make this all possible. They should get to shine a little too. Dance is something that this country has a strained relationship with. We should be able to have more social dance opportunities available for people without a stigma of weirdness or un-cool. Its whatever you want it to be and its a great art/sport form.

I’d be much happier if I could be dancing again, but alas, there’s a career in business I have to keep up and a mortgage to pay. So, I will keep tuning in with middle america and live vicariously through the experiences of these stars.


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