I am also watching the 4th season of 24. I’ve found this series to be as good as everyone says it is. I just don’t know what I will do when the 6th season starts and I can’t get channel 32 here because the signal is too weak. I will just have to find someone to visit to watch šŸ™‚

Anyway, the 4th season is off with a bang within the first 4 episodes already. I thought that season 3 had some serious continuity and believability issues, hopefully 4 will fix that. Overall its still an addictive show and a compelling character to follow. I’m sure none of this is anything like real life, but its fun to watch.

I hope to finish season 4 and 5 before 6 starts so I can be up on the history even though I know its not required. Its just better to know what’s happened in the past to understand what’s happening now.


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