Studio 60 Episode 2

I was hoping that this show would be good, and it hasn’t dissapointed me yet. Well, not in a serious way.  Amanda Peet is still not as authoritative as she should be, nor has she got her comedic timing down right, but they seem intent on keeping her.

I am glad to see the similar rhythm and beats in the show, reminding me of west wing. It seems that the Sorokin-Shlamme team has effectivley created another compelling show with stories and experiences that paralell their lives. (or at least one would assume so with the cocaine mentions) I couldn’t be happier to tune in on Monday nights to see it. I think Matthew Perry and Bradley Whitford have the same great banter as a classic Josh/Sam, Leo/Jed, or Josh/Toby scene. Its good to see again, and feels right.

On a whole other level with my acceptance into the conservatory program at second city I am curious about these sketch shows and how one puts them together. This gives me that insight at the same time. So, I am doubly happy.

I hope to see more good things from them (and the laughing volkswagen guy they cast in the mix) in the coming shows. 


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