Happy Bday

Its Google’s 8th birthday today (and my 31st). Its odd sharing a birthday with a search engine. Maybe we should party together? Me and all the engineers. That sounds like a wild time with a lot of geeks. As long as Ze Frank is there would be a fun geek party. Anyway Google’s come a long way in the past 8 years, as have I. They have had a stunning growth in marketshare and revenue as I have had a normal growth in career-business knowledge and income.

Its interesting though how different things are now and how much google’s existence (and the internet in general) has influenced and shaped my life. I am almost glad I didn’t know what I wanted to do for a living in HS and that whole teaching thing didn’t work out. Its presented the opportunity to work in the online marketing industry when it didn’t even exist when I had to choose a major. Its been more exciting and eventful than anything I could have chosen at the time. I’m glad that things have changed, and that I’ve been allowed these opportunities. Google’s a part of that, so thanks Google, and happy birthday. I know I’ll be celebrating tonight.


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