In this job search process I’ve noticed that shaking hands is an integral part of business whether you are doing a deal, selling something or interviewing for a job. The interesting part is all the kinds of hand shakes you get in return.

I think I have a pretty medium handshake. One that is polite and not to wimpy although being a girl, I am not after some kind sof tough handshake. What I get in return varies from the crusher break-all-the-bones-in-your-hand kind to the clammy or dead hand that itsn’t really shaking at all. I am not sure what makes people think that shaking hands with a death grip is a good idea. Nor do I know what intimidates people so much that shaking hands is a scary thing and they offer a limp scared hand that you get and are afraid to shake at all. Its maybe an insight into what they are thinking and feeling as well as how they feel this represents them. 

Really, I’d just like people to just offer a medium handshake or none at all.


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