I’ve been a fan of the ThinkGeek site for a long time now. I started buying things there about 4 years ago. I actually still have the chimp rear view mirror on my monitor at work. I also enjoy the caffiene candy even though I am not a coder that stays up all night.

Latley they’ve updated with all kinds of cool new stuff. The thing I am most curious about is the Nabaztag wifi smart rabbit. Its a little pricey but its cool. I first saw it on a french site and emailed about it about a year ago. It only spoke french at that time, so I thought maybe it would be better to wait on this gadget. Latley I’ve seen it talked about on sites again and its available in english. Its cool because it updates you with whatever information you need, weather, news & rss feeds and it wiggles its ears and blinks when things change. Its the perfect combination of info-technology and cute. Is that info-tainment? Anyway, there’s so many cool things on their site I could spend hours surfing there. (And the Nabaztag is on my christms list)


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