Nokia 2.0

I have been a reader of Business 2.0 for a few years now, and along with WIRED and TIME magazine they are part of my regular reading schedule. One article I found interesting this week was about Nokia getting into the blackberry smartphone market. I looove Nokia phones, and up until I bought my Palm Treo 650 this spring had only owned Nokia phones. They didn’t have a smartphone that was affordable, small and had email and internet and a camera included at the time. Business 2.o points out that all this may change with the launch of the new E62 smartphone. They report that its small and light ala the Motorola Q but will sell through Cingular for a lot less ($ 150.00).  If I had not just invested in my palm treo, I’d be interested. Business 2.0 thinks they will gain marketshare with this clever new device, and I think so too.


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