They’re back! The mentos experiment II

The experimenters from eepy bird productions are back with a Coke & Mentos sponsored video on Google video. They have over twice the mentos and diet coke they used last time and put on an amazing show. Check it out. They get into a lot of cool stuff with fountains and stuff this time, after the gratuitous “brand money shots”.

 As far as viral advertising goes, coke took a long time to get on board and get this together. Mentos got it quicker, but it wasn’t as good because I am not sure anyone submitted videos of their own experiments like their contest suggested.

Its hard to keep viral & traffic momentum going from the first videos to this when there’s a 4 month gap in between when they are available. I am glad they did jump on board though. Its a cool thing to see marketing change in a way that is more relevant, entertaining and genuine and less about shilling things in sneaky ways.


Mobile Ringtones

Mobile ringtones are cool. They are a huge business these days because there are no good ring tones available as a default on your phone when you buy it. You HAVE to get an aftermarket ringtone. This site MobileSidewalk Ring Tones has the best ring tones and a really easy sign up process. Its cool because all you do is enter your phone number, get the text that it sends you, enter the site and choose your ring tones. Its supported by all the major cell phone service carriers so it should work for just about everyone. I have to go look for a new ring tone now, everyone has the same cingular default one that I have and its weird to hear it and think my phone is ringing all the time. Check out mobile sidewalk.

New Marketing Trends

I love the springwise emails weekly because they inspire new ideas for my work and business. They are new business and marketing ideas that have been spotted and are revolutionary or evolutionary. Its a good thing. Check out this week’s list:

Our latest edition is now online at
New business ideas featured this week:

1. Text it loud & local: Wiffiti is a service that enables people to send text messages to
flat screen displays in cafes, bars and clubs. 2. Shoes for good: giving new meaning to ‘two for the price of one’, TOMS donates a pair
of shoes for each pair that customers buy.

3. Greensurance: British car insurer Ecoinsurance offsets 20% of a customer’s car’s CO2
emissions and works with environmentally aware repairers.

4. Cone-shaped pizza: an update on one of our readers’ favourite topics: Kono Pizza.

5. Designer garages: upmarket and stylish made-to-order garage furnishings create
a personal showroom for automotive treasures.

6. Sophisticated soda: DRY is a line of culinary sodas that accentuate and enhance the
taste of food, offering a grown-up, non-alcoholic alternative to wine.

Health & Nutritional Supplements

I have been looking into vitamins and nutritional supplements latley because I’ve noticed that I am not eating as well as I should. I’m always on the go and running from one thing to another and don’t have time to cook a balanced meal, so I end up grabbing something quick and not really getting the nutrients I need. I found this site N101 Nutrition online and they have a great variety of vitamins and supplements available and have a lot of good information about the health benefits for each product they sell. They make a point to keep the information updated and make sure they are providing the best shopping experience possible. They also offer natural beauty products as well through the site. Check them out if you’re looking to research and buy nutritional supplements and vitamins online.


All is fun in a new relationship until someone gets sick.

Luckily I have a good doctor that will prescribe something over the phone if the symptoms are some that you’ve had before and you both know what it is.

He called in a prescription just before pharmacy closing time and here I am an hour and a half later starting medication that should take care of this in a week.

I am though, out $123.00 for the prescription because my insurance doesn’t start until Wednesday. Ugh. Talk about price gouging for antibiotics.

Hopefully now, I will feel better by tomorrow or Monday. I’m glad I did something about it rather than sit around and worry. Its amazing how much can change in an hour.

CTA Fucking with My Work Commute

The past week has been hellish for my commue to work. I have taken the green line L train from OP/RF to the loop every day for a year and a half now and I have never had as many problems as  have this week. First there was a fire under the L at the ashland stop last Thursday. This caused them to skip the ashland stop but go really slowly through every stop and announce the new route at every station.  This added about 20 minutes to the ride. Then a second fire by the green line on wabash on Tuesday in rush hour. This caused them to reverse the route the green line takes around the loop. Instead of my stop being the first one in the loop, its the last. Plus all the time they spend announcing the change this adds about a 1/2 hr to my commute. They haven’t stopped the first change yet either. Its now taking me an hour and a half to get to work when it should take about 30 minutes. I hate public transportation as it is, and this isn’t making things any easier. Plus its mucus season again and everyone on the train is sneezing, coughing and dripping all over you with viruses again. Eeeewww…

Free Samples

I think everyone lights up when they get free samples in the mail, with the newspaper or in a magazine. Its like a little bonus for you that day. You may have had a $1,000.00 bill on fixing the car, but a free shampoo or gum sample makes you feel like you made up a little. Its fun to try new things too. Free samples from the grocery store are always fun.  Some people only shop on free sample day because it makes shopping bearable to have little snacks all along the way.  This free sample site has some great offers for the little stuff like trials and test offers plus some bigger deals if you’re willing to give a little bit of your personal information ike address and email. It could pay off big time, but make sure you read the fine print and are ok with the terms of the agreement. Remember these lead generating campaigns will pay you a lot for signups but you have to follow the rules explicitly in order to get your stuff. Check it out, and happy free stuff sampling.