Studio 60 ep 3

The third episode of Studio 60 was on tonight. I like the warm fuzzy feeling I get when things are funny or work out just the way they should ala Sorokin in this, but I wish they had some other plot/storylines besides the religious conservatives vs free speech and they should hire some real sketch writers for the sketches. These tonight were sucking hard. Otherwise, I give them special brownie points for using Zero 7’s song “throw it all away” in the party scene. I think its a great song and I know they get chosen for their content as well as the sound, so good choice there. Also, I liked the bits of physical comedy with the guys rolling on the beach fighting and Bradley Whitford dancing badly with the actress from the cast. I also think the most gripping thing about this show isn’t the comedy, its the personal conflicts the characters have in their lives and between eachother (as long as it’s not about religion). Thats where we get opportunities for funny and to get to know these characters and why we should tune in each week. We want to see more of that, and to see Amanda Peet get some authority of some kind. It just seems hollow and not strong enough. Anyway, just my opinions…I’m certanly not an expert. 


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