Improv in Chicago

If you visit Chicago you have to go to an Improv show. We have so many great theaters here and a lot of great shows going on weekly. Here’s my recommendations:

1. Second City – on North Ave & Wells by Piper’s alley. Both the mainstage show and the ETC show are great regardless of the current show running. They typically write a new show every 6 months, so even if you live in Chicago, there is something new to see every 6 months.

2. IO Theater – On Clark at Addison by Cubs Wrigley Field. IO has many great weekly shows, TJ & Dave, Whirled News Tonight, Baby Wants Candy & Cupid Player’s Cupid’s Got a Heart On are all great. Check out the schedule for special performances and new shows as they come up.

3. Annoyance Theater – Broadway North of Irving Park Rd. Way up north. An alternative to the big players, with a smaller theater but still great quality shows. Prepare to be suprised here.


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