I went to IKEA last night in Bollingbrook because they have these energy saving light bulbs that look like regular light bulbs. They are the flourescent kind but they have a round bulb around the outside so it looks more like a regular light bulb. They save me about 50% on electricity each month and I am bugging everyone I know to use them too.

I was suprised to see that they had their christmas decorations up already. Its the beginning of October. I was suprised to see trees and ornaments all over the place. They did have this cool light strand that had 6 strands of star lights hanging from it that I liked so I did end up buying that. It was $12.00 for the Glansa lights. Its only October, but I have already hung them over my window. Its not really christmasy its just nice to have some lights. Ok, so maybe I am getting sucked into the christmas thing already…


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