Ink Cartridges

The high cost of Ink Cartridges has been a scam for a long time. Companies like HP sell you a printer at the lowest cost possible and then charge about 1/2 the cost of the printer for replacement ink cartridges. If you don’t get these specific replacement cartridges the printer is useless. They can cost from 30-50 dollars for each cartridge. And its not like the ink cartridges are actually expensive to produce, it was a situation where they were the only one selling them so they could charge whatever they wanted for a long time. Now a lot of companies are getting into this business charging a lot less for cartridges and still making a profit.(Like Cartridge SAVE in the UK) Latley, I have used some of these low cost replacements rather than pay the high price of the original manufacturer’s cartridges. I have been happy with these cheaper alternative cartridges. They seem to work fine and I can’t see any difference in the printing. And they cost about 10 dollars. So I think I will be buying my cartridges from Cartridge Save online instead.


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