Studio 60 week 4

The viewers are hemoraging from Studio 60 like an artery has burst. I am a big fan of the show but I am beginning to think I’m the only one. The Nielsen ratings for the 4 shows have been:

Pilot ep 1: 16 million viewers

ep 2: 13 million viewers

ep 3: 10 million viewers

ep 4: 8 million viewers

We’re at half of the viewers of the pilot now. Ouch!

I love the dramatic side of this show and the relationship conflicts that go on even though in many ways its a carbon copy of West Wing and parts of Aaron Sorokin’s life.  It even seemed like everyone was playing Josh Lyman in this episode. Bradley Whitford is playing Josh Lyman because he is Josh Lyman. Now Matthew Perry is playing Josh as well in most scenes, its weird, all the mannerisms and speech patterns match up. So, instead of feeling like Josh & Sam old days its like seeing what it would be like if Josh could just converse with Josh all day. Plus one of the other guys on the show that was following Matthew Perry around for a bit was playing Josh too. So now there’s three. And if that wasn’t weird enough they hired someone who looks and talks just like Allison Janey to play a journalist. Christine Lahtei is playing the CJ part now. Hello, should we call Martin Sheen in Ireland and have him come back to run the network? Its a hail mary pass but nothing else seems to be working.

And the sketches are still bombing something awful. NBC just bought the rights to the Second City Archive today and GOD, I HOPE they use them on this show. Just hand the sketch library over to Aaron Sorokin and let him choose from there. Plus, they should hire Mike Gallivan also, he’s wicked funny.


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