Rules of Playing Poker

If you’re like me you find that most everyone around you is into playing Poker on Friday nights. Its a popular thing to do among adults and even kids. TIME had an article about kids playing poker with their families and friends recently and parents felt it was a more positive activity than letting kids out to go hang wherever and get into trouble. When they’re home they are around parents and a little gambling seems to teach them more about interpersonal skills than a video game does.

Its interesting though that some people still haven’t found out how to play poker. They don’t get involved or play because they think its complicated and that its impossible to win anything. That’s not true. Its easier than you think but you should really spend some time reading and making sure you understand the rules before you put any cash down online or at a game. For a basic overview of Poker Rules see here. They break down what you need to know to play the game, and then you can try your hand at the luck part of the game too.


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